1365 N. Knollwood Cir., Anaheim

November 17, 2022

Address: 1365 N. Knollwood Cir., Anaheim

Description: An approximately 64,846 Sq. Ft. freestanding manufacturing building.

Landlord: Link Logistics

Tenant: Expo Dyeing and Finishing, Inc.

Assignment: Negotiate a lease renewal on behalf of the property ownership, Link Logistics, for a property with significant deferred maintenance, restricted site parking and extensive specialized tenant infrastructure. The team was also tasked with negotiating a solution for a roof replacement that included upgrading ventilation equipment required for the tenant’s operation.

Result: The Team was able to successfully negotiate extremely favorable terms for the landlord, which effectively doubled the tenant’s rent and no downtime to the ownership. Through a combination of strategic market analysis and timing, the team outperformed the ownership's lease rate expectations by 15%.