1467 & 1468 Davril Circle & 1461 Railroad Street, Corona

February 29, 2020

Address: 1467 & 1468 Davril Circle & 1461 Railroad Street, Corona, CA

Description: Three freestanding industrial buildings totaling 130,474 sq. ft.

Buyer: Nuveen Real Estate

Seller: Morningstar Davril, L.P., a California Limited Partnerhip

Assignment: Develop and implement a marketing program for the sale of three freestanding industrial buildings located in West Corona, CA on behalf of a private investor, Morningstar Limited Partnership.

Result: Generated over twelve offers to purchase and ultimately awarded the portfolio to Nuveen Real Estate, a Wholly owned subsidiary of TIAA - CREF at a premium price.

Total Value of the Transaction:  $19,600,000.00