1510 Lakeview Avenue, Anaheim

February 9, 2017

Address:  1510 Lakeview Avenue, Anaheim

Description:  27,160 sq. ft. industrial building

Seller:  Harry & Donna, a California GP

Buyer:  PJ Printers

Assignment:  Identify expansion alternatives for Anaheim based printing company, PJ Printers. Given the capital investment in the existing facility it was critical that the facility be located in close proximity to their existing operations.

Result:  Negotiated the purchase of an adjacent building thus enabling PJ Printers to double their production capabilities with no relocation expense. Also, assisting the Buyer in structuring a new financing package which included refinancing of their existing building and utilizing the proceeds along with new loan proceeds for the acquisition of the new building enabling them to acquire the building with virtually no pocket expense.

Total Value of the Transaction:  $4,240,000