2001-2007 Raymer Ave., Fullerton

June 21, 2022

Address: The Raymer Business Park, 2001-2007 Raymer Ave., Fullerton

Description: An 80,000 Sq. Ft. project comprised of 45 individual industrial condominiums

Seller: Guthrie Development

Buyer: Various

Assignment: Sell Forty-Five individual industrial units and 1.28 acres of excess land area on behalf of Guthrie Development Company

Result: The Voit Team capitalized on the intense demand for businesses to own their facility and have attractive SBA and conventional financing alternatives to secure Buyers for the units. The Team increased prices several times over the course of the marketing campaign and within 12 months, the team completed the sale of all forty-five units and the excess land parcel, which generated $29,093,104 in total consideration.