3120 S. Croddy Way, Santa Ana

January 25, 2021

Address:   3120 S. Croddy Way, Santa Ana & 4011 Chandler Ave., Santa Ana

Description:  Buyer representation assignment to satisfy a two property purchase requirement.

Buyer:  Mesa Water District

Seller:   Lowers Leasing, Inc., a California Corporation & IDAS Properties, LLC

Assignment:  Identify two separate properties within very precise geographic parameters.  The Buyer had a specific and unique requirement to purchase two properties for conversation into two public water wells.  The size of the required parcels and the locations were critical to the Buyer due to the nature of their need for the properties.

Result:  Identified several off market purchase opportunities through direct mailing and canvassing campaigns and ultimately closed escrow on two separate properties that were ideal for the Mesa Water District’s requirements.

Total Value of the Transaction:  $4,411,928.00