679 S. Placentia Avenue, Fullerton

February 9, 2017

Address:  679 S. Placentia Avenue, Fullerton

Description:  127,375 sq. ft. industrial building

Lessee:  Engineered Floors, LLC

Lessor:  Stockbridge Real Estate Funds

Assignment:  Develop and implement a marketing program for the lease of a corporate headquarters facility situated in a master planned business park. Produce marketing materials that demonstrate the future layout of the immediately adjacent property, which was under construction.

Result:  The marketing program generated significant demand for the building while positioning the vacancy positively amongst pending construction on the adjacent site. Ultimately the building was leased to Engineered Floors, LLC, an established carpet manufacturer, for 3 and a half years. The Team was able to secure this tenant with extremely limited downtime and minimal concessions incurred by their client, the property ownership.

Total Value of the Transaction:  $3,287,096